Communique From The Western Front…

Communique from the western front Dex and me driving over the pass into butte Montana Birdy Bardot and Van the man on the box waaaaaaaaaaaaavelength I’ll never let you down no no last night tonight in mizzou long run Reykjavik to MT totally fuckin torked spikers vampire elves hot on our heels and a nagging 30 year Deja Vu hydration packets sugar free red bull tums three seasons of Ray Donovan and hunt for fairy moose dresses Bath to Morgantown Roman baths to bootleg oxy baths charm city shakes and Harrisburg double questions and tales of mountains of questionable 80s blow and problematic chicks into maximum city a two and six year old at the Macy’s balloons parked outside museum of natural history into strawberry fields no more FAO Schwartz Manhattan never being the same for Xmas Mercury arciris gold lame’cello rock staring at the trump tower with a massive how the fuck did that happen face midnight sail under the Statue of Liberty while half of America froths rabid bat drool over horrors of new immigrants whilst Americans slaughter each other over faked abortion videos viva la France from people who always hated France maps from blue ribbon sushi to cake shop sadly misplaced in Kemplers dobb kit Alex and Lake in football field sized soho apartment eating caviar pie on a table thatcost more than my house after playtime in Tompkins Square park being a very different play time then when Tommy used to camp there nyc doesn’t give a fuck what you think in the red zone and frankly neither do I anymore I miss living there terribly tho taking the monkeys on a alphabet city tear makes wrangling post Mercury lex and Joey flu bandmembers look like a candy land on Seconal session Steve Earle down here below indeed into slc more ghosts and navy seals colonel kenny making me glad I didn’t really understand what I was in the middle of in Kabul probably the one time I can personally thank hellfire missile armed drones what does one get a drone for Xmas or Eid I should mention thr jackmormons constantly slaying the fuck out of it every night and walking into places like salt lake and wiping the slate Boise to Tride my body has decided high altitude sucks out soul and the wet sex lube tubes moving more molecules sound that makes good music good people play mandolins and washboards in high altitude because because God put the soul at sea level watch me lose a entire demographic of fleece wearing bluegrass wookies without who I wouldn’t have a job meeting mr frank right now for coffee at the rocker truck stop to discuss dex and my upcoming aus NZ tour details to follow Cambodia space project rockabilly jams I would like to be clear here we have received zero bags of Jessica’s waking days blend coffee and are indeed drinking rocker truck stop coffee this hurting deeply fluid having promised kilos in exchange for releasing the loaded gun heart for the rock for trump fest in barbedwire Idaho however bruised egos aside if you don’t already have Crosby’s waking days record you should be ashamed of yourself as its really fucking good even if you’re washed up old and bald being an excellent lead in to the past few nights of dickies chickens with a aside note to self don’t eat the Kampot cowboy chocolates Montana gun owners do not make my blood boil because frankly they are all tuff enough to kick your ass just fine without a assault rifle the Mossberg is for a 800 pound grizzly douchebag not some imaginary army of little brown people threating your trailer outside Montgomery weird memories of getting shot at in billings and the nasty wasted shit brad van story into Ennis and our lovely friends with stolen zambonies rumors of a summer return to Banditos this Montana run always being a gift of love and friends but it’s time to go the fuck home me and Dex out of stuff to talk about maybe time for Kampot chocolate after all working on details for upcoming Cuba Mexico Aus NZ shows oh and records coming out and Steve James teaching us how to actually play the old stuff hwa Sweetwater and four nights of NYE moving into Will Johnson on the box and the new Coldplay and you can blow me it sounds great for what it is and I’ll take it anyday over that songless jam grass bullshit you’ve been eating Mexican molly to tired and cranky and so so so ready to be home with kids and Xmas magic and yea I’m holding on to Virginia births the black wiseman and laying under the Xmas tree with my babies looking up thru the lights and crying cause life is beautiful and as far as I’m concerned there is a Santa Claus somebody has to keep me honest ok top hat load in and I don’t know the words to fairytale of ny so the punters will have to make do with half the lyrics to silent night into black peter the chocolate is kicking in or that’s the biggest fucking grizzly to wander into deer lodge since the winter of 66 time to fucking run born is the king of Israel kisses and candy canes. Jerry Joseph anaconda mt December 2015.

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