Mexico DF

21,000,000 people …I don’t know one of them . Some people like to take a few days alone and get into the mountains or desert or some sort of nature and quietly commune with the natural world and themselves. I , on the other hand …like to go somewhere with millions of people ..where I’m not fluent in the language and have no clue as to exactly where I am …and sit and drink coffee and trip on the idea of there being so many people and so many stories that I will never have a direct connection to . It weirds me out and makes me sad ( In a good way ) …like flying over the lights of cities and towns and knowing you’ll never know that world or those people or … I sound like I’m fucking 16 and smoking bong hits of hash and listening to Glenn Frey (or Bon Iver ) cover Far Away or that Radiohead version of Dust in the Wind … I had a bitchin iPod when I was 16…

Roma Norte
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I’m staying in Roma Norte off of Alvaro Obregon . If I was 25 or Jeff Crosby ..Id move here right now. Like many megalopolises this place is magnaoverthefuckingballselectric …and for all the crazy Mexican history and current thread of violence in the news and on Netflix the place smells like love and birth and opportunity ( and like most huge cities ..shit and death and sex and garbage and smog and …well here anyway pastor …long ass side bar 1901 .my grandma Hasibi was denied at Ellis island at twelve years old sent back to Lebanon alone …she eventually ,at 13 or 14 sailed to Veracruz ( where apparently she got Mexican citizenship ..and two years later crossed into the USA illegally, Making her not only a Arab refugee but a wet back… Blow me Ted Rubio Trump … They say Al Pastor came from the Lebanese shwarma/kabob spits …usually used for lamb and chicken ..the Mexicans said “why not a pig and a Lebanese woman said ..and some pineapple ?) and voila I’m claiming my grandma Hasibi Chehadi invented Al Pastor ) …good?

Our Lady the twinkling octopus

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Where was I ? Opportunity …as in fashion and film and music and art art art . And a huge under thirty population .. It’s insane how much output there is. I was talking to the beautiful gay American Apparel kid ( who gave me his number .sadly ….I think he wanted me to pretend he was his dad for a visa ) and the lad and I were looking at all the cities on the AA bag ..I had been to 2/3rds of them …he said “I’ve only been to the DF but I’m good …it’s the new center of the world ” and for Latin America it would seem to be the case ( tho I haven’t been to São Paulo) I think a la NYC ,you could spend a lifetime walking down side streets and never see it all or walk into galleries and never take all the good stuff in or eat all the incredible foods …that said …I’ve been keeping a very small geographical circle. .. Coffee – bikram – coffee – tacos .writing – nap – coffee -dinner – coffee -bed I get too overwhelmed trying to hit museums and markets and historical sites when I’m alone somewhere for only a couple days. I pick a hood and wander around until the locals call the cops on the creepy old man in the “Roll Todd” tshirt.

There’s a weird loneliness to this. Self-imposed to be sure. As many of you know I’m sober …it’s a very very short list of places that might actually be cooler sober ( Jordan -Provo ?) the DF is not on that list …this city was built to drink in and sitting at the bar nursing a club soda and lemon just makes you look like a narc or some sexual predator . I’ve have always maintained that given the last meal of my choice choose cabesa tacos ( preferably from taqueria El Trailor in El Suzal Baja Norte ) and a shot of El Tesoro silver and a ice ice cold Tecate .

Cabesa tacos at Taqueria Alvaro Obregon

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So not fucking drinking here blows. I’d tell you about all the lovely people I met at bikram ..but it’s bikram ..a bunch of type A personalities who don’t say hi..and in this case don’t speak English ..I must add the studio in Condesa is one of the coolest I’ve been to and I know its uncool for yoga people to talk about pretty girls..but Jesus Christ dude .

Sometimes my travelogue skills lack severely because I don’t give an informative insightful and foot noted over view of the sights and sounds ..luckily there’s lonely planet and Sean Penn …who by the by I thought his Rolling Stone article was great. I would do that shit in a minute …and when 60 min gave him shit about his motives ..he should have said ..because I can and you can’t and I’m Sean Penn .. ( besides being the greatest actor of his generation ) I think what he does is perfect why not leverage your clout and balls into doing things different. I get jealous as I would love to have the unlimited bank accounts to sit around and say “what’s next ?”

Preferably with my beautiful family ensconced safely near by . I wish I had the vision when I was younger to forgo the endless “I’m going to tour and tour and hope I get famous ” rabbit hole I spent decades going down ( for a marked lack of fame and money ) and had started with the idea of “let’s just do amazing edgy shit in places where there’s no consulate ” and sometimes to get a cup of coffee , alone at some DF hipster street window and watch just how fucking beautiful and amazing humanity is.

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