Perth to Earth

Two hours into my 5-hour flight from Brisbane to Perth…I saw election results from Tuesday night…though crossing the dateline I missed Wednesday (I never really get used to that)
I am glad Bernie did so well in Utah and Idaho. Not only did he need those states and delegates…but as traditional red states it was good to remind people there is a solid left wing under the Mormon white sugar, white flour, whrrrright wing surface (I have always felt from my times living in Utah, that they have a tad more righteous left as a result of a repressive history). I also wanted to write this while he was on a high note. So congrats to the Berners.
I am voting for Hillary Clinton in the Oregon primary and hope to do so in the general. I understand the backlash from my own fan base and demographic on this statement will be brutal (this from the “fuck the troops” guy…you Berners are so fired up you make me nervous).
If Bernie wins the nomination, I’ll be in 100 percent for him…hell…I’ll get the tattoo (well…no…actually, Charlie Freeman will) because I’m not only a Democrat…but I think Bernie has a crucial voice to be heard. He’s doing his job and pushing the Democratic Party conversation to the left where it needs to be. I tend to be far to left on most issues, so listening to Bernie is a comfort to me…like listening to old Chicago records…it sounds fucking awesome.
This is the political theater of American Politics…the big show…and frankly kids…the stakes are as high as I can ever remember them being. It is a messy nasty game and anyone who wades in and says they can play…has huge brass balls (Hillary included)…Bernie being no exception…I hear people say things like “they’re playing dirty…they’re being mean…he’s a decent man!” Trust me…he brushes his teeth in the morning…looks in the mirror, and says to himself, “You can be the leader of the free world.”…massive massive ego, massive massive balls…please don’t assume for a second this isn’t true.
I love most of his positions and I am completely down with the socialist / occupy / feel good Easter basket…break up the banks…raise taxes on the top tier…student debt relief…single payer health care…free university education…and on…Great! He’s dead right, God bless him…I am all for the revolution…I do not think Bernie is it and I do not think it’s coming right now…
I have been a few places lately with recent revolutions. It hurts. There’s blood. People die.
Young Americans forced a change in the past…we withdrew from Vietnam…a President resigned…um…Nixon was shooting at the revolution…the CIA was dropping pounds of free heroin off at Black Panther headquarters (and shooting at them)…FDR was a facing a viable Labor supported Bolshevik revolution of his own in America…and on…this ain’t the first time we’ve heard the word bandied about.
As excited as I get about participation, particularly by young people in politics…Nader, Ron Paul, Bernie…I tend to feel like its underwhelming, it’s not a real threat (like right wing fucktards taking over bird refuges and then giving up)…the Occupy people in Zuccotti Square made Wall Street laugh. My response in the 80s to my Earth First friends who would tell me their cause was life and death…”Really? Life and death? You know who thinks their cause is life and death? The IRA, the PLO, Sandinista, Tamil Tigers (remember this was the 80s)…spiking fucking trees isn’t going to change the picture…it just makes you feel good…start shooting the CEO and upper management of LP Lumber and they’ll take you seriously.”
Point being…social revolution is not coming from the feel good candidate out of Vermont…sorry…no fucking way.
How unreal is it that I…at 55…am saying the “dream” is bullshit? One thing I have learned to never assume is that the President of the United States will ever be riding in on a white horse waving Jerry Joseph’s Lefty agenda.
It’s America…presidents are center right by nature. I was talking with my friend Justin about empirical exceptionalism…and he asked if I agree with that description of American global agendas…and in the end, I do…there’s no way around it.
I tend to vote with my eye on geopolitics…I think the future…our future…my children’s future…lies in the way we work with the rest of the world, right now, as the (perhaps tentatively) most powerful nation on the planet…tick…tick…tick
Noam Chomsky (who was essentially endorsing Bernie over Hillary) says…
Bernie is a New Deal isolationist.
And I do not think that’s an intelligent way to go forward
China’s (and we can all agree, this is their century) self-stated goals of controlling the western Pacific…Iran stepping into to the global playing field…the possible hard right swing of Europe over the immigration / Isis issues…Putin…global warming…space…new oil and mineral discoveries in the deep Pacific…Radiohead touring again!…for starters
Again, Bernie is not my guy…
I’m voting for Hillary’s rolodex and her ability to utilize it…Hillary’s understanding of global power and American political power…Hillary’s understating of capital (we live in a capitalist country…and it’s quickly changing from Wall Street money to Calif tech money…and sorry, Hillary is far more entrenched there and understands it).
And while like anyone running for President, I can come up with a list of why not to vote for her…
But I think her commitment to causes that are important to me is without question. Why do you think the right hates her so so much?
Nobody liked LBJ…nobody trusted him…hell, a lot of people thought he’d just killed his boss…but he knew power…and he didn’t back down…and he got the Civil Rights Act passed. He was an effective (and hawkish) President. There are up to three Supreme Court nominations on the table in the coming few years…I’m going with a powerful slightly left of center candidate over a wet dream candidate. My wife owes a shit ton in student debts…fucking ridiculous…and to be a teacher! Still…my three year old daughter’s reproductive rights trump student debt relief…period.
I think there’s a reasonable chance Bernie pulls ahead. I’m not sure he wins over Trump, Cruz or a last minute Ryan entry…the right hasn’t even begun with their “communist” attack on him and I think it will scare the shit out of right center voters.
I think the Bernie left has so deeply bought into the 25-year, GOP narrative of Hillary that they can’t walk it back…and even their (Bernie left) worst attacks on Hillary …I’m not sure I care…the TPP?…That’s about Chinese sphere of influence 30 years from now…Benghazi? Emails? Wall Street contributors? Grow up. It’s American politics. My biggest worry with Hillary is “super power” women leaders tend to come in guns blazing (Gandhi, Thatcher) or glaringly wielding immense power (Merkel “we own Europe”) but, that in and if it’s self is a pretty sexist thing to say. I don’t think Hillary needs to be treated with kid gloves because she’s a woman…attack away…but her survivability in the face of unprecedented attack from the right (and now left) just leaves me feeling she’s got the brass to do the job.
I think the idea of the Berners not voting for her in the general is at best the most entitled, self-centered example of affluence of young white voters I’ve seen…
I have a high profile very liberal friend who is supporting Hillary and we were talking about Berners withholding their votes and handing the country (again) to a dangerous republican candidate. And we agreed…you get the government you deserve. And frankly kids…you’ll give it to Trump because you buy into the wicked witch narrative…and it’s all yours…and weirdly, I welcome that in a sick way…besides the hard right being very good for business if you’re a lefty entertainer…it’s also going to be the catalyst for real revolution that people who have never traveled in post-revolution countries seem to think is so fucking romantic.
I’m not scared of an angry Tea Party, Trump got denied, revolution…I think we can all agree for the most part that these right wing “revolutionaries” are just fucking stupid and at best pussies (can’t wait for my FB pages on that one) however, a Cruz controlled government??? Fasten your bike helmet…’cause that guy is going to shoot at you when you take to the streets in your coexist t-shirt. Bring it on…I suppose. Again, if Bernie wins the nomination…I’m all in…until then…
Hillary Clinton in 2016

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