The Enemy of my Enemy…and Other Words of Love and Hope

Greeting from Reykjavik. After a long, long solo drive around the UK, it’s nice to kick back and enjoy…my new wool scarf…it’s freezing.

I’m here for a couple shows after opening the Ireland / UK portion of Richmond Fontaine’s “Last Tour Ever.” I could…and should…just write an entire piece solely on RF. I have always maintained they are one of the best American bands. Period. Willy Vlautin is among the finest song writers (and novelists) anywhere…and an interesting guy to be with in the middle of the “Dylan wins the Nobel” news cycle (we both agree that while we adore Dylan…it sets a weird and difficult precedent. Songs aren’t literature. Though you could make a case for Nick Cave…and Willy).

Richmond Fontaine were beyond kind to me…they didn’t have to let me do this…as a result I walked out every night to sold out crowds…told my giraffe story…and hit my head repeatedly as I am want to do. Those of you who are RF fans in the states would flip over their crowds here…1000 plus tickets sold at Electric Ballroom in London. Beautiful and surreal.

Thanks to the wonderful Peter Bruntnell and Shawn Whitehouse. Mostly thank you to the great Richmond Fontaine. We eagerly await your $2,000,000 Coachella reunion.

I’ve blogged about Iceland before (easy to find) and I’m sure I could write endlessly on trying to be paleo in Dublin and Manchester ( a sad, sad bummer)…however…I go home tomorrow and I am relapsing on a croissant as I write this…it tastes fucking amazing. Maybe I should switch from a caveman diet to a viking diet…just focus on whales and Irish monks (with lots of butter and salt). However…that’s not what I’m writing about.

Here’s my rabid froth…against all advice…

I have been resistant to writing about the election. I wrote about my support for Hillary last March…and fought with Berners for a couple months. At least they don’t private message death threats…though cute Berner girls telling me “I’m so fucking gross” for supporting Hillary…was a touch brutal. I know the Jackmormons were very upset about losing the thousands of hot 22-year olds who usually attend our shows and I was stumped for a response to the charge that I’m a centrist conservative.

This isn’t about Hillary…I’m traveling…I worry about geopolitics…and though I would prefer everybody just quit fighting…and all go see Amma for hug…I understand we are the USA and like it or not, an imperial superpower. I am good with my choice of Hillary for president. I think, while she’s not as liberal as I’d like…nobody who gets elected president will be…experience and the nuances of global power are crucial. Hillary has it in spades…earnest, beautiful Jill Stein supporters who think I’m a fucking toad notwithstanding.
When Donald Trump announced his candidacy…I was all for it…I was screaming from the rooftops, “go Trump!” I was actually scared of the Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Paul possibilities…and I wanted to see Trump burn the Republican Party to the ground. I thought it was a blessing and a gift for a public figure to expose the majority of current republicans for what they are…racist, misogynistic, evangelical fundamentalist, ignorant, mouth-breathing, useless scum bags…and on and on…hopefully I’m clear here as I can’t think of any more nice things to say about them.

To be clearer…I have very conservative friends…In politics, the military, my family, etc. And I value their opinions very, very much…dialogue is the point of America…and to be remotely informed in my opinions is to be cognizant of and clear about the ideas and motivations of the intelligent people I love, yet disagree with. Sadly…those people have run for the hills with this election cycle.
Careful what you wish for…as here we are a little over a week out from the general…I don’t think Trump will win…though if every fucking self-centered, “I’m not voting / I have scruples / I’m voting for ____________ (name your useless, never-going-to-happen, feel good, waste-of-breath here)” person on my social network feeds actually stays home…well…nobody thought Brexit would pass. Come over here and ask the Brits how that’s working out.

A point before moving on to the Trumpettes…

I was arguing with Jeff Crosby awhile back…a smart millennial Berner. I looked at his iTunes music…70% was music made between 1967 and 1975. I truly think there is romantic notion…particularly among millennials…that a Trump presidency will bring the revolution to the streets and this generation will have its glory moment. Maybe…I’ve met people who have won revolutions…when I asked them how they got involved it was usually something like, “When ______________ (insert dictator here) lined my family against a wall and shot them…I signed up. I do not think the “I’m not voting, bring on the revolution” Berner folks are going to willingly die or suffer grievously for collage debt reform, loss of privacy, loss of rain forests, petrol cartels, repealing Citizens United, etc.

Tom Hayden just passed. He knew something about revolutionary America in the modern age…he was supporting Hillary. It sounds great…we all hit the streets and bring about change and maybe rock music gets relevant again…and…and…and…look…Trump wins?!? I have children, and grandchildren, and I swear…I’ll be there in the streets with you…but you’d better study your black bloc literature and learn how to actually take down a riot cop…or a drone…and how to wash pepper spray out of your eyes and keep fighting and not cry when your girlfriend gets her nose broken with a riot baton or you’re held in detention for a couple years…seriously…you self-righteous, “I’m not voting,” entitled children.

There’s no app (that I know of) for fighting pigs…and if Trump wins…the blame is squarely on you…I’ll expect to see you in the front lines. If you don’t vote…or vote for some feel good muppet…you should be ashamed of yourself…people around the world are dying daily for the privilege…grow the fuck up. Please.

I am regretting my realized dream that Trump prevailed in the RNC. My friend Joe was so pissed about my stance…”this is how Hitler came to power!!!!” I don’t believe that, however, Trump did indeed do what I hoped he would do…rip the thin mask off the face of right-wing America. Again, though I don’t think he will win the general election…there is no going back to finding common ground. The enemy has been revealed…in all their glory…and they are not going to go away. Leaving me with this sad reality…if you support Trump for any reason (I’ve long since quit caring about the plight of southern white people losing their “Real America”), you are by default supporting the modern face of racism…KKK / alt-Right / minutemen / Pat Robertson Evangelicals / Confederate apologists…all of it…you are supporting institutional misogyny, rape culture, theocratic biblical views on the “woman’s place,”…and this is before we get to the geopolitical, economic, environmental disasters you are willing to bring on because you’ve lost your 19th century voice. Frankly Bro…you are the enemy…everything I have ever believed was evil. And there’s no coming together at this point.

Nathan Scott Moore…an excellent songwriter and smart social media commentator…wrote about the hysterics of the Right and Left, and that we all need to come together as Americans…sit at the table…work it out.

Sorry Nathan…you’re out of your optimistic mind. I have met Taliban supporters who are more enlightened than the American Right.

The only thing to bring to the table is a fucking baseball bat.

There is no walking this back.

You, Trump supporters, are a direct threat to everything I value…the future of my country (and I love it as much as you fucking do), the future of the globe, and most importantly…the future of my children and grandchildren.

I don’t know how this plays out…but for the first time in my adult life…it’s a clearly divided battle line. Fortunately…after years of death threats and rabid gun owners taking about defending their goddamn homes against…essentially me…or people I believe in…I’m not afraid.

I think the American Right are completely chicken shit…sure…Aryan Brotherhood…some vets and a couple failed Texas quarterbacks could hold their own…but you motherfuckers are not ISIS…as much as you’d like to be the God-fearing, American sword bearing forces of righteousness and evil vanquishers…I’m not worried…since you won’t read the ISIS handbook and actually take shit “back”…well…becaus half of you can’t read…and the authors of the ISIS “how-to book,”…though of pretty much equal minds and ideals…are brown.

I feel like such a hypocrite these days. After trips to Palestine, Afghanistan, Tijuana, Rochester…I’ve tried to make a point to bring some love and God to my performances and songwriting…and now here I am…pissed and writing rabid manifestos.

You Trump guys who say “shut up and play your guitar”…seriously kids…if you find anything in my music to like…then I’m guilty of making shitty music. I am too old and too cranky and too unsuccessful to give a flying fuck if you never hear my music again. You guys sending thinly veiled threats via social media…I’m the easiest target in the world…I’ll be on solo tour in your town soon…as in…by myself…and yet…per my past experience, I won’t see a one of you.

It’s important to note…I am…by no stretch of anyone’s imagination…some sort of badass or voice of anything. I’m a 55-year old dwarf with a bad temper…but at this point…I am beyond even considering reason with what I see as a direct threat to everything I hold dear.
Just because the Left are anti-gun and pro-transgender bathrooms doesn’t mean we can’t defend ourselves (think Viet Cong, Sandinistas, etc.). And just because I love Amma and Jesus and Junior’s My Little Pony collection…doesn’t mean I’m a pacifist. You want to take away my America? Best of luck to you. Considering Howard Zinn is probably correct…and the divisions between poor whites and black slaves and Native Americans were concepts created by the power elite that to this day, work to divide the unwashed masses…I’m no longer looking for a common thread. Alienation, lack of representation, a general malaise and hopelessness…whatever, dude…if you’re on the Trump side, my sense of empathy has sailed a long time ago.

While I’ve been writing this…they acquitted the Bundys (and started shooting the peaceful SD protesters)…I think it’s here…I think it’s too late to dial back the clock and hope all the hate and ugliness will dissipate…Hillary is going to win…and the mentally challenged, uneducated Right are going to be fucking pissed and loud. Good. Let’s hope it’s the last gasp of a dying breed of Neanderthal.

They will eventually wither and die like their Salafist and Apocalyptic Hasidic and Los Guionistas (and on and on ‘til I puke) brethren in the world. It’s time to put this shit to bed. Half the world is trying to figure out alternative energy, safer medicines, water rights, space travel, dub step, and male birth control pills…while the other half is trying to figure out how to keep the rebel flag flying over Mississippi and how many tires it takes to burn Shiite villagers in the town square…both while marrying or raping twelve-year old girls.

Pick a fucking side.

I had Trump apologists ask me…why the liberal hate???

Seriously…we as a species have been hamstrung by your “Jesus / Allah is my righteous sword of ignorance” influence on human decency for far too long…and though I can’t speak for anyone else…I think it’s safe to say we are done. Once we take your guns and daughters and lock you all up in FEMA gay indoctrination camps…we are all going to breath just a little easier…provided your unhealthy “we don’t want negrobama care” pestilence doesn’t seep into the general population. I suppose it won’t be the first time some nasty-ass mental virus crept up from the swamp. That’s why God made the Drive by Truckers…the Rock and Roll RAID for hate breathers.

Look…it’s fun to rant…and thank God I live in America where I can have a platform to say what I feel. I reiterate however…I think this is sad…I know that forgiveness is the fast track to spiritual enlightenment…but I cannot at this moment find it in my heart to forgive the forces of racist hate…and thusly…I choose to stew in my liberal hate.

Because one thing we do have in common…we think we are standing on the side of good. The Third Reich thought they were good and righteous and that their racist, fascist God would prevail. And from what I can tell of the American Right…they feel the same. Frankly, I’m betting on my side and my compassionate loving God.

I am guilty as charged…call me officially intolerant…you vote for Trump…or you don’t vote at all and help Trump and his limping army of sad losers of the evolutionary lottery…then you are indeed…to me…The Enemy. Go fuck yourself.

Peace Love Hope
Jerry Joseph
Reykjavik, Iceland
October 2016

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