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Two years ago. The jackmormons were in Drumlish , County Longford Ireland … I had met the brothers Cronin in Dublin a year earlier and they had invited us to come out to their studio .. Great spot with a cool house attached .. So I showed up with the band in tow .. It was our “new band ” Dex , Steve James and Jeff Crosby ..
The night we arrived we started recording .. We had wanted to get a couple covers in the can as we never record covers nor had we recorded as that unit So we jumped right in with Hiss Golden Messenger / Jesus Shot Me in the Head and my favorite Clash tune ..Sound of the Sinners … It was a cool vibe and those songs seemed appropriate for cozy peat smoke vibe of livetransmission ( the studio ) the Cronin brothers being bad asses at their combined playing and recording . Please check their new Record. “The First Kiss of Love. Brilliant stuff
A few days later we had gathered around said peat fire to write songs as a group ( something I rarely do)
My good friend and spiritual mentor … Jim Blumenthal ( with his doctorate in Tibetan Buddhism and patience with sobriety) had been ill. I woke to see his wife had called me .. I was pretty sure it wasn’t good news and that perhaps his illness was progressing … I went for a run in Irish countryside .. Killing time to call the US west coast … And I started writing this song in my head about someone who was dying … I returned from the run .. We started stealing pogues chord progressions with my new lyric ideas… And Jims wife Tiffany called to say Jim had died .. During the blood moon the previous night … Surrounded by family and monks and love and pure light … In my many times with Jim tho a grounded loving individual .. I always got the sense that he was tapped into something beyond my understanding … I had Craters of the Moon written down as a title since a tour years earlier with Wally Ingram , Who survived his illness … It all seemed to fit. Sad Irish songs about death are a lot easier to write in Ireland
We began recording Craters of the Moon at TRI studios with Dave Schools producing for the Mars record with The JMOS and Mookie Seigel , we finished at Jackpot in Portland with Jenny Conlee and Little Sue . We have a lot of material laying around .. Hence the Irish bundle…..
Ho Ho Ho. J

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