Life’s Just Bitchin

30 years ago …. After losing an entire first record (I mean completely lost it …the masters everything ..long story) I convinced my folks that I was never going to college and to help me make a much needed record for our band Little Women.

We knew Ray Woodbury from his tenure with David Lindley and El Rayo X he agreed to produce at a studio in Claremont California (weirdly where our drummer Brad Rosen was from … Read his excellent book Bunkie Spills to get the whole vibe) Little Women had been pretty much living out of our van, or camping or hotels donated by drug dealers for years by then. I think we had two rooms for the whole recording… Ray had a solid grip on what he wanted from us… And I remember it was a lot of hard work … And though the tempos might suggest otherwise … No blow.

We were in SoCal and both brad and I had grown up saying “bitchin”. It was supposed to be a joke . I remember the Boulder Colorado (where we were officially based) press not getting it. We had been doing pretty well as uber hippie roots reggae band … And this record foretold that the shit was getting darker, quickly. We played something like 300 shows a year and we were, to a man, certifiably insane when we started and complete lunatics by the time we got to Claremont and Ray …

I think we were scared of the white reggae or the Dead Hippie labels, (there was no such thing as a “jam band” then) long before we made this record . I am not a person who goes back and listens to my old music however somebody played me a live recording from this time period and it’s pretty fucking good … Even better … Everyone who made this record survived ….

Life’s Just Bitchin ..indeed.
Jerry Joseph
Kona Hawaii

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